Experiencing in different places and transforming perception and concern into artistic practice often brings unexpected research progress. In July 2023, I engaged in a three-week artist-in-residence programme in Barcelona. As an international artist and researcher, I would like to know how I use the collage method to respond to established impressions and new experiences in the local area. Subsequently, I analysed and reflected my creative behaviour and incorporated it into my further works and doctoral thesis. In addition, I met other international art workers, visited local museums and art studios, and broadened my perspective on the art industry of the world.

Although I often plan workable proposals in advance, unknown experiences sometimes influence me to adjust the details of the proposals. Consequently, the development and outcome of my artistic practice and research would differ from the pre-set. It can be an enjoyable opportunity to explore, test, and advance the potential of one’s professional abilities. When I live and experience locally, curiosity drives me to learn as much as possible about my surroundings. I tend to bring observation and introspection into my art practice, trying something different during this period. For example, inspired by Barcelona, I experimented with collage methods and art styles associated with graffiti, as well as themes and issues related to conflict. In my view, a process is the most exciting part for the artist-in-residence—explore, discover, link discoveries to myself and my profession, transform and invest discoveries into research, and then reflect and think about further possibilities.

‘Let practice lead writing’ is a principle of my practice-based research. I am glad that the creative experiments during the artist-in-residence unlocked or raised more potential details of thinking points, reading and writing, discussions, and so on in the doctoral research. Furthermore, although expanding the collage method is the most crucial aspect of my doctoral research, I also considered the cultural and even political issues of specific groups of people as creative themes during this time. I narrate and respond to these issues through artistic practices or so-called artworks. Those results could be a recording of the beliefs and ideologies of the groups, or they could work as inspiration or enlightenment for other groups in the world.

Here is my Statement of Artist-in-residence Programme. You are welcome to view the text and photos regarding my artistic practice during the residency and additional information about the programme.

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